Ask The Professional

Q: What can I do as a Buyer in this competitive Market to make my offer look appealing?
A: I’m sure you’ve had some frustrating experiences already. The Nelson real estate market has had a low inventory of properties for sale and it’s consequently been driving the prices upwards due to the high demands.

Consumers are setting the prices. REALTORS® list homes based upon the recent sales data. We price properties based on what consumers are willing to pay & what a bank is willing to lend.

If you are trying to get into the market right now there are a few things you can do; to make your offer stand out.
Get informed prior to making an offer. Find out what a similar property has recently sold for and use that information to assist you.

It isn’t uncommon to be in a competing offer situation. Put your best price & terms forward. Find out when the Seller wants to move.

Include your pre-approval letter with your offer; so that Seller can see that you are capable of completing the sale.
Include a bio in your offer, explaining a little bit about yourself and why this property is important for you and what features are desirable to you.

Work with a REALTOR® that can offer you their expertise & insight into the situation.

All the best