What should I know before I put my house up FOR SALE BY OWNER?

Q: What should I know before I put my house up FOR SALE BY OWNER
A: There are many Web Hosting Platforms that offer services for sale by owner with NO REPRESENTATION.
These sites offer you a package upwards of $7000.00 to take photos, give you signs and put your property on the internet. You will owe the money up front, prior to the sale of your home.
These door to door sales people cannot tell you what your property market value is or offer you binding contracts.

That’s all up to you to pay your lawyer by the hour whether or not the sale completes. You will be doing the job of screening potential Buyer’s and showing your home to people you have no idea if they are pre-qualified to buy your home.

Some of these web hosting real estate platforms are wonderful examples for students studying business models in how to make a great deal of money with very little overhead, costs & liability. 

It is truly brilliant for these business models to do a few hours of work and walk away with a bundle of your cash that you probably had to take a loan out to pay. Please think wisely prior to signing on their dotted line.
REALTORS® study continually regarding ethics, real estate law and practices. We are there to help the consumer and want the best for our clients. We are a governed body and pay a great deal to keep up to date and our licenses active. We work for the public and are there to navigate the difficulties that can arise with regards to Real Estate. PLEASE INVESTIGATE WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR. Your friendly neighborhood REALTOR®