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Why use a Realtor?

I find that people ask me this question fairly often and there isn’t a “one liner” I can
give to answer it. Sold sign

The answer is multi faceted, and requires much consideration to cover all the bases.

Realtors® undergo continual professional training to keep abreast of shifting and changing Real Estate conditions. Realtors® have the tools at their disposal to market your property effectively & reach a wider group of potential buyers. Realtors® can conduct a thorough Market Evaluation of your property & have the ability to screen potential buyers to see if they are qualified to buy your home.

Realtors® have the skills to create a binding contract and keep the deal on track; while avoiding emotional attachments during the negotiating process. We make ourselves available beyond 9am-5pm, to work for your best interests. Statistics provided by the Canadian Real Estate Association show that people who try and sell their own home, end up using a Realtor® in the end, & sell faster and for more money.

 When you require dental work; you go to your Dentist, when your vehicle needs work; you take it to your Mechanic, and when you want to buy or sell your home; it’s in your best interest to do this with your Real Estate Professional. If you don’t have a Realtor®; find one that suits you and remember that in the end; it is money well spent to help you navigate your way through the biggest investment you have.  

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