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What should I consider before purchasing a home?

Buying a homeThere are many factors to consider before taking on one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. One of the first things to do is to get pre-qualification for a mortgage. This will enable you to know what price range is available to you, and it offers a great starting point, when compiling your “wish list”; & differentiating between needs and wants.

 The second thing to consider would be location. Decide if it’s important to be close to work, schools, and factor in what other amenities are high on your list of priorities.

 What features in a home are important to you? I moved here from a place that didn’t experience as much winter and I underestimated the value of a mud room and garage, they are now on my list! Decide what the deal breakers are for you.

Once you find a place that you’re interested in; visit it at different times’ of the day to get an idea of noise, traffic, & factors that you may not have thought of. Look at the other properties around and take note of their condition. If the other homes are well maintained, this will help keep your property value up. Talk to the neighbors and find out if it’s a friendly area with a sense of community.

Look at recent newspaper archives to find out if any proposed changes are in the works for the area. Get a home inspection, and ask the sellers questions about past improvements. Find out if they discovered any tricky issues when they did the improvements. Ask for utility bills to get a clear idea of costs throughout the year. Don’t end up house poor. Try living for a few months on a pretend mortgage payment plan and see how it goes. When finally purchasing, factor in your closing costs. Working with a Realtor* can assist you when navigating through these difficult issues. If you are contemplating making a move, please consider my services; or if you would like to pose a question; please e-mail me,