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What factors contribute to Healthy Housing?

Healthy HousingThe Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation have put out an outline of 5 essential factors to consider when defining their Healthy Housing tm mandate.

The first thing to consider is occupant health. Healthy Housing tm promotes high standards for indoor air quality, water & lighting.

The second component is Energy Efficiency. The goal is to reduce energy consumption and become more efficient, reducing heat loss in winter & gain in summer, relying on efficient heating & ventilation systems.

The third point in the CMHC model is to make use of construction materials, managing waste while opting for durable materials.

The fourth point is to have environmental responsibility, making use of alternative water and wastewater systems, while promoting efficient landscape planning.

Well, and the fifth of course is affordability. This plays a key role for the Healthy Housing tm model to succeed and make it feasible. To explore this option further go to Some financial incentives are still offered and are outlined on their website.